With their new full-length album, Late, One Red Martian takes the last five years and spreads it out within 12 new tracks. The result is a lyrically rich display that balances well with its exceptional and interesting instrumentation. The album captures a whimsical reality and does so with a polish that captivates the dreamers and doers alike.

A decade in the making, the masterful musicians behind psychedelic rock outfit One Red Martian used growing up in a small town with little to do to their advantage. Comprised of three brothers and a longtime friend, the group has grown up knowing no other lifestyle than the one down the creative path, as soundtracked by those who came before them respectably, such as The Beatles, Otis Redding and James Taylor.

Members Jimi, Joe and Ben Woodul connected with Dan DeKalb through their hometown of Newport, New York, finding inspiration early on through their father’s work as an audio engineer. Being in an environment surrounded by endless equipment was enough to spark an obsession with recording a record, with the dedication to actually learning how to play instruments coming not too far behind.

From the beginning of One Red Martian’s story, recording studio sessions themselves showed the group what could be possible when they harnessed their creative energy together. Pairing their eagerness to make high quality music with their own talents resulted in the group capturing a style uniquely their own, while also drawing from the older generation of music that moved them.

Collectively adventuring to Texas to further pursue music after finishing high school, the quartet could be found organizing, promoting and performing their own live shows all throughout the south. As the band evolved, their experiences within music inevitably led to their focus shifting naturally from creating songs just for the sake of creating songs, to creating as a way to express their humanity and out of necessity to inspire positive change.

One Red Martian’s desire to live passionately has led the group to further blur the boundaries between the bigger picture and their individual experiences through their music, resulting in lyrically-rich songs, both narrative and emotive by nature. Motivated by remembering how their favorite artists’ albums made them feel, One Red Martian works tirelessly to replicate that feeling to someone else.

Throughout the years experimenting with their sound, relocating once more to discover new roots in Albany, New York, and after a five-year hiatus, One Red Martian is back in the best possible way.