goodbyemotel is an indie rock band based in Brooklyn, NY. They are best known for their music on U.S. and Australian television such as shows like Gossip Girl and Suits. They are currently releasing their new album “iF” and will be launching a AAA radio campaign starting Sept 21st 2015.

goodbyemotel, all one word, started in Melbourne, Australia. Their self- titled debut album was recorded in a beach house on the Victorian Great Ocean Road and their song “Watching you” won a competition in the US which was featured in the “End Child Slavery” national TV and MTV campaigns. The bands second EP, “end/play”, was recorded in an old church converted into a studio in Melbourne with producer Kalju Tonuma (Crowded House, Evermore)

In 2013, goodbyemotel’s single, “Set It Off” from the People EP, brought the band to AAA radio and U.S. college radio for a tour across 15+ states including television, radio and blog performances. Chrysler’s ad campaign was based around the single and the band was played on all major syndicated radio in Australia. The “Set It Off “ music video won the MTVu Freshmen spot in the US, along with syndicated play in various restaurants and clothing stores across the US in all 50 states. To add to the success of Set It Off, the band toured in Japan, Australia and the U.S.

Innovation is at the very heart of goodbyemotel so it is no surprise that their live show should follow in this mindset. The band then had the opportunity of touring Japan, Australia, London, Los Angeles, New York as well as showcasing at The Mohawk for SPIN magazine at SXSW in Austin. Their impressive live performance even caught the attention of and was included in the “Hottest Photos of 2014”.

Among other events in 2014, their Australian release of “Hurricane” was debuted in front of 50,000+ people at the Adelaide Oval for the pre- game and halftime performances at an official AFL game in Adelaide. The band also had the opportunity to perform an acoustic version of “Hurricane” on syndicated national Australian television for The Morning Show.

Fronted by 23 year old Swedish singer/guitarist, Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom, along with Aussies Tom Marks, Scott Pioro, David Schmidt and New Yorker Paul Amorese. They spent 2012 based in New York writing and recording their new album “iF” with producer Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush) mixed by Ken Thomas (M83, Sigur Ros) and engineered by Andy Baldwin (Cat Empire, Bjork).
“iF”s cover art was done by Storm Thorgerson, the album designer who created album sleeves for most of Pink Floyd’s catalogue including the iconic “Dark Side of the Moon” and the unique “Houses of The Holy”.

“iF” would be one of the last great works by Storm as he lost his battle to cancer in 2013.

Currently the band has released the album on I-Tunes as of November 18th and will release it for download on Amazon and Rhapsody as well
as streaming on Spotify on December 9th. Check out the following links to find out more about the band.

“goodbyemotel are so good they don’t need to capitalize their band name… on the cusp of stardom”
Huffington Post (U.S.)

“Your new favorite band = goodbyemotel” The Brag, Sydney Australia