Girl Blue is the brain child and alter ego of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Arielle O’Keefe. She will be debuting her first recorded release on October 5, 2016 with an EP titled “I Am Not A Star”, introducing a new sound that blends raw soul and rock with keen pop songwriting sensibilities. O’Keefe is a fierce and dynamic vocalist and performer, and an accomplished writer and lyricist with “…a depth in [her] words that belie her age”. Audiences have summed up her live performance as follows: “There is nothing that can prepare you for the force of emotion and the passion that comes when she begins to sing.” And it’s not only audiences who’ve taken notice. The moniker maybe new, but Arielle has been invited onstage to sing with such names as singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson and the legendary Rod Stewart. She spent a time writing for other artists under Universal Music, has creatively collaborated from coast to coast, and had a television debut on the “E” Network’s program “Opening Act”. She now moves forward as Girl Blue, a girl and her songs with a mission to stay true to the craft and let nothing stand between good music and an audience.