White Lake Producer Prep / Certification

WLM&P Certified Producers are allowed to book our facility at a reduced rate for their projects because they are able to operate our studios without requiring an in-house engineer.

This four-session course is required for audio engineers and producers who wish to be certified to operate our studio A.

This is not an audio engineering class, but instead a class designed to provide specific information about our systems, patch bay, gear, and policies.

Each candidate must successfully complete a one-on-one Q&A with our engineering staff at the completion of the classes.

Course Fee:  $125.00


Get The Most From Home Recording

Try going into any professional studio and suggesting that you are considering recording at home!  In pretty much every case the studio folks will immediately begin the classic “you can’t do that” or “it won’t sound good” banter.

While it’s true that a pro studio can offer some great advantages, the REAL truth is that with some patience, attention to detail, planning, and preparation, you CAN record very high quality material at home (or at a friends house if your dog is too loud)

This single-session class is designed to help you get the best result from home or remote recording.  From tips and tricks to session prep and strategy we’ll help you get the most out of what you have, while offering perspective on how to combine home and in-studio recording to create a truly national quality result.

  • Much of ”Edges” by Jocelyn and Chris Arndt was recorded remotely at a home in The Adirondacks and later mixed in our studios.  It debuted on the US Jam Band Chart at #17!!

Course Fee:  $75.00

Making Your Music Your Business

Ever wonder why other bands seem to get all the press and opportunities?  How do you book big gigs like festivals or land sponsorship opportunities?  Do you understand radio and where to begin?

WLM&P and Bridge Road Entertainment President David Bourgeois has spent years in music and music business, successfully negotiating relationships with agencies, publishing companies, brands, and radio.

Learn where to begin, what you’ll need, how to stay on track, and most importantly how to make goal focused decisions.

This single session class is strictly limited to 6 groups or artists.

Course Fee:  $35.00 for 1st group member / additional members of group $25.